Cutting Raw Photopolymer Plates

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A Kutrimmer is sort of the standard plate trimmer and all around misc paper cutter for the shop.

Various venues for purchase. Various sizes per your requirements. Highly recommended.

Just bought a second blade for my 1058 and also bought a new 1071. Yeah, good equipment, worth the investment, returns its value.


Hi Ironfire -

I cut my KF152 sheets with either heavy scissors or a small grade-school style paper cutter.

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A paper cutter similar to this will work fine. It is what I use.

This may sound a bit amateur, but I use tin snips. They cut right through the plate, and most of the time, at least for us it doesn’t matter if the edge is perfectly straight.

i don’t use too many poly dies, i cut mine with tin snips also. Dick G.


Well, perfectly flat is best, especially when it has to be fitted to the base. You wouldn’t want a rough edge to catch ink from the rollers. But, one of my clients cuts out the imaging on the plate with a tin snips and apparently does a pretty good job of it. I suppose there are all sorts of different configurations of tin snips blades that could be pursued.


You could always file any rough edges.

I’ve had zero problems with the papercutter. All cuts are straight, no rough edges.

Can I ask where and for how much you purchased this machine for? Also how much are the plates and any other costs for making these plates in-house? I am thinking about investing in one as it seems very expensive to get them made by anybody else.