Need Help - Letterpress in the NYC area open for use?

I printed off wedding invitations last week that I have to send out as soon as possible and just spotted an error - an apostrophe in O’Clock wasn’t picked up on the plate.

Trying to fix this ASAP - possibly setting the type - just an apostrophe (or flipped comma) - or by getting a new plate over night.

Is there a press open for use on Sunday nights or Monday afternoons?

The Arm is closed and Intima Press is booked. I know the Cooper Union has space but I’mnot a student…

Any ideas?!?

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You could try Center for Book Arts, but you’d have to join.

What color ink did you do it in? You might be able to get away with putting it in by hand… very carefully?

Is the apostrophe there and it’s not printing or did it wash out of the plate altogether?

if the element is there and not printing then I’ve cut a small piece of masking tape, lifted the edge of the plate enough to place the tape under the area that needs lifting. Sometimes it only requires one piece but other times two pieces. It works 90% of the time and a lot less time consuming than making another plate.

If you have a good loupe and sharp exacto you may be able to cut one in from another plate. I’ve done this before, however, you need enough room for the sticky back on the element to hold to the plate.

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