Where can I but the @ signs for email address’s

Can anyone tell me where to buy a set of @ signs. Thank you in advance for any help, Jon D.

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Most type founderies sell different sorts , i always bought from Quaker City Type, there contact info is in the yellow pages on this site. Good Luck Dick G.

Also realize that this was not a very commonly used symbol back in “the day” so there may not be one for the specific font you are using, or it may be very rare. You may have to settle for a generic roman or gothic. (And they all seem to be large for the point size — I usually use one that is about 2 points smaller than the type I’m setting…)

Check out Skyline Type, listed in the yellow pages on this site. I just picked up an entire box of these on eBay, assorted sizes, for $7. Good Luck! DTM

Not sure where you are located but John Barrett’s Letterpress Things in Chicopee MA has them

M&H Type in San Francisco also has them.


You can buy these on Ebay UK under Letterpress

Pat Reagh (contact info is available here on Briarpress) sells boxes of “Pat’s @’s” at the local printer’s fair here in San Francisco every year and could probably supply you with both serif and san serif models.