my ‘new’ 8x12 C&P OS

Picked up my 8x12 C&P yesterday. Took us about 4-5 hours to get everythign out of the shop and about 15 minutes for the tow truck to put it all up on the trailers.

Tow truck cost us about $150 but it would have been worth twice that to have it done. Especially since by that time we were all pretty beat.

Once we got everything outside we pressure washed over 50 years of dust and grime off the equipment and sprayed them all down with WD40. Another good move.

As you can see in the pics it was a great day for the move but SUPER hot by about 10.30. That, of course, until it was time to leave and the 3 hour trip home was filled with about 2 hours of severe downpour.

Everything on the trailer got a good washing on the way home.

It’s all sitting out in the sun today drying out. There was so much oil and grime on the table and cabinets the water was pretty much just beading off them anyhow.

Check out the photos.

There’s also a couple of other pieces of equipment for sale in the photos so if you’re interested in anything, let me know. I need to have it all cleared out before the 25th.

image: stuff outside

stuff outside

image: money well spent.

money well spent.

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just checked the serial number on this and looks like the press dates pre-1891.

man that’s cool. about 120 years old.

does anyone have any photos of a restored 8x12 C&P? Looking to see what one looked like originally with pinstriping, etc assuming it even had that kind of finishing on it from the factory.



Check out the restored press in use at LOL Letterpress. I don’t know how faitful DeFelice was to the original factory specs, but it’s a beautiful press either way.


Also check out DeFelice Engineering, (where LOL got their press)

All the restored presses I’ve seen out of there look amazing.

yeah. i wonder what they charge to do a press like that. I’ll have to shoot them an email.

disassembling a 120 year old press that probably hasn’t come apart since the day it was made makes me a little nervous.