Is it hard to find a roller hook and spring?

Hi There,

I am brand spanking new to letterpress and was considering buying my first press.

I have found one for sale in my area but I have not seen it in person yet, it is missing a roller hook and spring and of course the rollers. My question is “is it hard to find a roller hook and springs for the Kelsey Excelsior 5x8?” I have been doing some nosing around on the internet prior to this purchase and I can’t come up with much. I don’t want to get in over my head.

On a simliar note, would $350 be a good price for a press missing those items. I am attaching a photo see you can see it’s condition a little clearer.

Thanks in advance for your help!


image: press2.jpg


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Alison, i don’t see a chase in the press either. Excelsior Press in New Jersey has some parts for these, the roller hook should be fairly easy to make. The price doesn’t sound bad, but if you need a chase it could run up to $50, don’t know what the hook or spring would cost.. What i do when i need a part is go to a local hardware store and see if there is something close. Good Luck Dick G.


Thanks for your advice and tips. It makes me feel more comfortable about purchasing the press.

I forgot to mention that the seller is selling the press with the chase, he just didn’t have it when he was taking theses pictures.


Excelsior Press in New Jersey has lots of things, including my Kelsey 5x8 that’s been sitting there since July 5 waiting for some parts and cleaning.

Good luck.

I bought the exact same model for $100 a couple of weeks ago. I found the rollers and cores on etsy…yes etsy…for $70 delivered. The hook is easy to make and springs easy to find. $350 seems high to me, but might be fair in your area.