Looking for a paper Cutter

I’m looking for a good paper cutter. I have room for a table top model able to cut 20 or 30 heavy sheets at a time.

Any thoughts?

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Two questions: where are you? and what size sheets do you want to cut? For example, I have a small tabletop paper cutter which needs restoration to operation (cleaning, oiling, and a new blade) which would cut a stack of paper about 1-1/2 inches high when in good condition, but the maximum width of the stack is about 12 inches. It’s in Virginia so if you’re in California, it’s not a good solution. Thus the two questions.


Martin Yale has a “Commercial Stack Cutter 7000E” max width cut is 12” and cuts 1 1/2” thick. Should be able to pick up a brand new one for around $700.00