How much does the flywheel weigh on a 10X15 C&P?

I am selling a 10X15 Chandler and Price New Series Letterpress and once sold, it will have to move from the basement to the main level. The press weighs 1500 lbs and we are wondering how many lbs we can easily take off to facilitate transporting it? Any suggestions for parts to take off and approximately how much they weigh?

image: Letterpress.JPG


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I’d recommend not taking the flywheel off the shaft. Rather, if you must, remove the pinion gear at the other end of the shaft and remove flywheel and shaft as a unit. The flywheel is pressfit on the shaft and a real bear to take off and even harder to put back on. Read the other recent, related thread about trying to put a flywheel back onto the shaft.

The weight of a flywheel isn’t particularly significant compared to the weight of the whole press…I’d guess less than 200 pounds. Out of a total of 1600+ pounds.

I’d agree with Arie, and add that if the press if for sale already, you should consider figuring out how to move it before selling it, or let the buyer take care of any disassembly needed. Could develop into a huge fiasco for both parties.

The easy way: Gantry with Chain hoist, put on runners, Basement implicates Stairs, Wire or chain Wrench, plank the stairs and support from back, winch the Press up.
The real easy way: Hire a Rigger