Where to buy a letterpress?

I am an aspiring printer, trying to start up a small studio to make custom wedding invitations. I am going to be taking a class on letterpress printing as well as purchasing some books on how to use the machine; is there anyone who can tell me what type of letterpress is good for a beginner? And where is a good place to buy a good, affordable letterpress?

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Where are you located?

If you are anywhere close to Western Massachusetts check out John Barrett’s Letterpress Things in Chicopee - he has a good assortment of presses, will treat you fair and will set you up with everything you need to get up and running. Good luck


Thank you for responding, I am actually located in St. George, Utah. Does anywone know of anywhere close to there? Or even online maybe?

Check with Steve Pratt in Cove Fort. He makes expensive replicas of old presses, but he’s a nice guy and he knows people. You might also give a call up to the Crandall Printing Museum in Provo. They probably know everyone in Utah with a printing press.


Thank you so much, I will definitely check those out.