Video of Me Running the C&P

A friend of mine made this video showing a little bit of the printing process. Hope you enjoy!

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Love it!


Oh that made me smile — thanks so much for posting!

I’ve seen a lot of poultry cuts (copper, not meat!) on eBay. You’ve just gotta print something with a chicken on it.


Funky treadle, I would be concerned that the steel cable will score the treadle yoke. Do you find eggs in the ‘e’ compartments?


I had a treadle just like that at the university until a Hern treadle could be ordered. It worked fairly well, but it was a bit wobbly.

Hey Paul,

I keep it very well oiled and haven’t noticed any marks/scores thus far.

Yes Arie, it is wobbly, but I have grown to prefer it that way. I use another press with a “proper” solid treadle hook, but I like that I can readily change my position on long runs and just angle the treadle to match with my cable.

The Chickens are amazing… our flock of 5 hens lays a carton and a half of eggs every week. I try to keep them out of the shop, so I haven’t seen any eggs in the ‘e’ yet, but I am sure they would poop in the ‘p’ compartments


My daughter uses my shop to hatch her chickens every spring, then we keep them on the shipping bench till there old enough to go in the coop, one year they escaped and i had chicken poop all over my kluge , the back of my shop was a horse barn complete with hoof prints in the walls. Chickens are getting popular, seems like there are lots of them showing up in peoples back yards. Dick G/

Awesome video!