finding a ‘0’ starting point for the platen

CP 8x12

It was used heavily for die cutting 20 years ago. I am sure the platen is way out of whack. What is a starting or zero point to adjust to. Does anyone have these specs?

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just cause it was used for die cutting doesn’t mean its out. what i would do is start with a new top sheet, 3 pieces of 20 lb bond, and a sheet of press board. then you need to lock a piece of type at least 36 point in each corner of the chase, then pull an impression and see if its even, then you can adjust from there. Good Luck Dick G.

Dickg has the correct process. I’ll only add that I’ve found it useful to use the same character (a cap H) in each corner. That seems to make it easier to spot tiny variations. Make sure the type used is not worn.

I’ll give it a shot today