Sigwalt truck size needed

Can anyone be of help with truck/roller dimensions for a Sigwalt Ideal No. 4?(5”x7.5”) I normally collect Golding, but, could not pass up this press. I am interested in the original diameters of both. I have some spare trucks that measure 1.30 that I hope are close. The hook side needs to be turned down so I can turn down the roller side if they are too large. I am very impressed with this little press. Looks as solid as my Goldings.

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Oh no, John the Sigwalt guru. i have some odd trucks, should i put them on top of your saw blades? Dick G.

Your everywhere! Didn’t I just see you on the Letpress forum? (I’m coming up next week to see you and the oldest printer in MA. Kenny.) Lock up all your tabletop presses!