I am starting a project that requires overprinting and was wondering if there are things I need to do differently when mixing ink. I also was curious if you tend to do lighter color first then darker. The two colors I am doing are red and blue. I am also using oil ink, and was wondering if I had to do both colors right after each other, or can the first one be dry.



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Litho PMS colours would usually be mixed to dry trap, so yes, the first colour can and should be dry. Neither of the colours you mention, presumably, are opaque, so it shouldn’t matter which one you print first - you’ll still end up with purple.

You might consider though that the red may be easier to wash up than the blue, so maybe print that first.


I recently did a 2 color job with red and blue overprinting. I don’t remember whether the inks were oil or rubber, but they were straight out of the can PMS base inks (warm red and blue 072). I ran the red first, then the blue while the red was still wet. All worked out fine. You can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/voteforletterpress/4858715199/