GE 1/2 HP D-C Motor, Model # 5B074A7

We just got a C&P 8x12 Old Style powered by a GE 1/2 HP D-C Motor, Model # 5BO74A7, V 115, AMP 5.2, Speed 1140.

There doesn’t appear to be an “On / Off” switch with this motor. There also doesn’t appear to be a “variable speed switch”.

Does anyone have any info. about this Model Motor and how to turn it on. We plugged it in and there was a “hum” but no “motion” from the ‘small wheel’ that we attach the belt to.

Many Thanks for any help.

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If it’s a DC motor it probably wouldn’t do anything on AC — try hooking a 12 volt battery to it — with no load it should spin up OK. I’m not sure why there would still be a DC motor on the press, though, unless it hadn’t been used since Edison died.


my kluge has a dc motor, there is a converter with it to turn the ac to dc. Dick G.