Any information on this press?

I have just bought an old platen press but know very little about it. I wonder if anyone might be able to help?

I know that it has been used for foil blocking - the upper platen was heated by a natural gas supply and that there is type set in a forme under it facing downwards.

There is supposed to be a lever or handle - now missing - that was pulled to raise the lower bed.

There are no makers marks, serial numbers or anything that I can find (although it is very dirty and further cleaning may reveal something). There was a plate riveted onto the main central shaft, but is no longer there.

I intend to restore this to a working condition, but without the gas, to use as a normal press. Any information that would help me learn a little more about it would be very welcome.



image: foil-1-small.gif


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It’s similiar to a Marshal Blocking Press,

the Top wheel set’s the impression depth, there is a toggle at the bottom , which raises the bottom plate up to meet the Top, you would lower the handle on the right, your missing that one, to make this happen

This appears gto be a Blocking Press. To see a thread on other blocking presses, scroll back to 21 Nov 08 under the title R. Hoe & Co. NY Press right here on this site.

Thankyou for this information. I will be posting regular updates on my blog on this restoration - I have already begun to clean it up and try to get it moving freely.

The last job it did was still locked in the forme - a little rusty and very filthy, but dated 1990 - I have even managed to pull a quick print (on another press) which you can see here: