Balatimore Jobber No. 5

About 50 years ago I acquired a Baltimore Jobber No. 5, manufactured by F.A. Lazenby & Co., Baltimore, MD. I had to make a piece to connect the treddle to the drive shaft, but that was the only part missing. I used the press for about two years, but then began transferreing around the country and disassembled the press and left it at my mother’s. I recently picked up the press from my mother’s home but have not reassembled it. It is still complete except for rollers, considering that the tredle connection is homemade. I would
like to know if the press has any value except for junk, and/or if some museum miight be interested in having it. Any comments? Jim Pullen

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Hi Jim,

I have a small printing museum in Zion, IL just North of Chicago. I think your press has value. I am curious because there were “Baltimore” and Baltimorean presses that were manufactured by the Baumgarten Co. and the J. F. W. Dorman Co. both of Baltimore from about 1874 until about 1934. There was a Baltimorean Jobber No. 5 with a chase size of 8 x 12 listed in a catalog in 1889. F.A. Lazenby & Co may have been a distributor for the Dorman Co. I would be interested in the press.


Hi Paul,
I was curious if you had any additional information regarding the Baltimore Jobber #5 Press.


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