Have C&P 8x12 Treadle… missing hook!

Hi Letterpress community,

I am working on cleaning up my 8x12 and hoping to soon get it in working order. The seller I picked it up from had the treadle removed because the press had been motorized, but the motor had also been detached. This was an abandoned shop that he was just trying to get cleared out. Anyways, long story short, I have the press, the treadle, and no hook or any other hardware, etc with which to attach the treadle! What should I do? Is there anyone here that has that stuff? Will Hern Ironworks sell just the hook, hardware, and instructions for mounting?

Thanks for the help as always,

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Hi Emily
Joel from Hern may contact you here but if he doesn’t I would give him a call, I would guess that they’d sell you the treadle hook, bolt and hinge pin (the shaft that supports the treadle in the back) They normally don’t send instructions, installation is pretty straight-forward. Any questions just ask!


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Yes, Joel got in contact with me, and they are willing to sell this stuff without the treadle. Thank goodness!