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Hi Everybody,

I just got my first letterpress, a New Style C&P 12x8, delivered yesterday. I can’t wait to use it!! I live in RI now and learned letterpress on a Vandercook Cylinder Press at a community print shop (AS220). I understand the fundamentals of letterpress, but the platen press is a whole other ball of wax!

I know that these larger presses did not come with a manual, unlike the smaller tabletop presses. Does anybody know of a manual/instructions that someone has later made?? I will be moving to the Houston area in 3 weeks, so if anybody knows of a place to take classes on a C&P there, that would be even better! It seems every place that has classes teach on a cylinder press…


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Go on Boxcar’s website and look in their manual section.

Thank you Dennis, I had done that before, the only thing I found was a parts list.

The museum of printing history in Houston offers classes, on Vandercooks and tabletop presses. No windmills as of yet, but may be a good place to start asking. I’m going to a class there tomorrow, I’ll see what I can find out for you.

There are a number of useful books such as the ones listed on the Five Roses Press web site. Mills, Cleeton and Polk. See:

The Cleeton book is back in print and available from NA Graphics, I believe.

An invaluable book for the C&P is Elementary Platen Presswork by Ralph Polk, reissued by Letterary Press.

Thanks so much - I will check out those books. I think they will be of great help to me :)

There is a printers’ guild in Houston that meets on the first Saturday of every month. You might be able to find some help there whenever you get settled here in Houston.

Thank you thank you for the reference to the printers guild! I will for sure join that and check it out! Oh, and I bought that Polk book on amazon. Thanks all!