Broken Handle on a Kelsey Excelsior 3 x 5

I’m fairly new to letterpress and just purchased my first press (a Kelsey Excelsior 3 x 5) on ebay. When the seller shipped it, they didn’t pack it very well and the handle broke off en route. Fortunately, the shipment was insured so I will hopefully be refunded the price of the press.

The problem is, I now have a press that’s virtually useless; the handle is broken in three places and no longer intact. I’ve thought about having it welded back together but am not sure if it will hold. I’m also wondering if it would be possible to find a replacement handle from another press.

Any advice on what to do? Is it worth the trouble to repair or should I just get a new press?


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Dear Friend,

I think that you can weld the handle for the 3x5 press. If its done right, it should work fine. Of course getting used one is a good idea if you can find one. Why did you buy a 3x5 Kelsey, and why on E-bay? What did you pay for the press?
If you do get started in letterpress, I have some nice items I am selling from my own personal hobby shop. Sorry my press is gone otherwise I would offer it to you. If you send me your mailing address I will send you free proof sheets, pricelist of what I have etc. Real good stuff.

Good luck with the press.