removal of flywheel

I need to remove the flywheel from a Golding Jobber #7 in order to move press from cellar. The flywheel is held in place with a jib key. I have been unable to remove the key itself. Can the flywheel and the jib key be removed together with a gear puller? Has anyone done this? Hoping for a solution or suggestions. Thank you.

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That key can be stubborn. Try some WD-40 on it and then tap in an outward motion. A gear puller would help, although I would think that the key needs to be removed first. On our Golding #7 that key has been removed several times. Every time it is stubborn, but it does come. Good luck!
Gus Knierim

Thank you for the reply, we were unable to remove the key (but certainly tried), but thanks to removing the door jam and a lot of sweat equity the press was successfully moved out of the basement intact.