Adjustable furniture

Does anyone have any adjustable furniture they would be willing to sell?

I’m specifically looking for the sizes from 22 picas to 30 picas, but other sizes would also interest me.

I’ve attached a couple photos. If you want other photos and more information about how we want to use it click below

Ray Nichols
Newark, Delaware

image: page-furniture-pages.jpg


image: page-furniture-cabinet.jpg


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As your jpg filename says, this is page furniture and I think only Morgans and Wilcox made it. It’s about the same level of unobtanium as Huffman speed furniture (an alum. version of the Challenge speed furniture). Odd are though that somebody has a few spare pieces in their pile, not knowing what it is. You have most of a font there, so congrats.

When I first got it I called it page furniture and posted the link I show above but calling it ‘page’ furniture. Someone ‘corrected’ me saying it was adjustable. We actually use it to define page outlines in one form of letterpress workshop that we do where the final result is a small 16 page book.

I think I was probably that corrector, and the proper name is interlocking furniture; at the time I posted pictures of it and the heavier Challenge interlock. What you have is one of the Morgans & Wilcox styles; there were several end notches used (1x12 pt. notch, 1x18 pt. notch, 2xp12 pt. notch). 12 pt. won’t mate with 18 pt.
It is intended for making blank areas in a form. There were also at least two different kinds of page tie-ups, for example the Rouse page frame, that were intended for surrounding typematter. Using the interlocking furniture to surround type presents lockup problems that could be dangerous on a platen jobber or high-speed cylinder, but perhaps not noticeable on a proofpress or handpress for a short run.
Say “adjustable furniture” and I think of the Huffman or Challenge Hi-Speed furniture mentioned above, I think sometimes called expandable furniture. Challenge made it in both lightweight and heavier metals.

We have some Hi-Speed Furniture I am willing to get rid of. We are retiring and cleaning out our shop. these are all Challenge brand.
1- 15x30-50
2- 20x30-50
2- 25x30-50
2- 30x30-50