Leafy ATF (?) initials - seeking specimen

I am looking for a few initial letters with a leafy decoration or flourishes like the examples shown below. I would like to find reasonable quality images of the letters M, A, and K. The second image is from p. 829d of a 1906 ATF catalog of borders and ornaments, found at Archive.org:


Any suggestions of where similar initials can be found?

Matt Kelsey

image: LeafyT.jpg


image: ATF-initials.png


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These are very nice. I am pretty sure the matrices didn’t survive, but there must still be some of this type out there. I’ll check a couple of places and see what I can find…

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Send me an email and I’ll reply with attachments, I have the vector file for the ABH.

Inky Lips Press

Check the cuts & caps section here. If I recall, there is a matching I, and perhaps some other letters from this set as well.

Sky Shipley of Skyline Type Foundry casts Massey Initials

image: Massey Init.JPG

Massey Init.JPG

If all else fails, I could mail proofs of Series 32 (ATF Series 1132) shown on the right of your scan, from the actual original Cincinnati Initials, Series 32. Is your snail-mail address still the same as published in the 2009 APA Membership Directory? I, also, have Series 33 (ATF Series 1133), shown on the left of the scan, but they are at another location and not easily accessible for a few weeks.
Dave Greer