What is part of original press and what is add-ons?

Hi! Started reassembling the C&P 10x15 we moved last month- yes, I’m behind. :) Arie K. was kind enough to come out and give us some pointers. There was a auto-feed system that we had halfway taken off to move the press, but left a lot of remnants still attached. Since I won’t be using the system, I would like to strip it all off.

I’m not very familair with what is part of the original press, and what is the feed delivery system. Is the press just supposed to be 1 frame on both sides, so this large plate and everything connected to it can come off? That seems like it would remove the housing for the little gear on the camshaft end. I would also lose the cover for the large gear which is currently on- no support bracket for it and it drops on top of the wheel.

The large nuts and bolts that go thru the frame onto this stuff, they can just be tightened down once it is gone, or will they be the wrong length now?

I’m attaching some images, if anyone can tell me what is ok to strip off, I would appreciate it! Also, the keyway in that kidney-shaped plate is stuck really well, any tips? If I unbolt the base of all that, can I just remove the whole thing together?

Thanks, sorry to be such a newb. :)

Martha :)

image: picturea.jpg


image: pictureb.jpg


image: picturec.jpg


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That stuff is part of an old Kluge Head that was on the machine at one time. You should be able to remove everything that is attached to the MAIN FRAME CASTING without hurting the press.

Think safety before removing gear covers. IMHO It would be best to keep any castings that could potentially keep your fingers out of harms way. That may mean that you have to fabricate some supports so that the covers do not rest on the gears.

thanks! just so i’m clear, those 2 gears underneath/behind the large wheel and kidney-bean, is fine to take off too?

i agree about the cover- i would kinda like to keep it, and since i’m leaving it on the skids, i can probably build something attached to that to hold it up.

is there any value in that kluge head? the press came with a coffin-sized box of accessories for that system, and i’m likely to never use it. i do need new rollers and things tho. and the space it’s taking up, lol.

I would contact Don Black or Hicks Brothers about buying your accessories. Most likely, the price of transportation will outweigh the profit for the pieces. Try to sell, but I would expect to take them to scrap.

I would remove all the kluge pieces and save this one. It would be a good start for a guard support.

image: kluge feeder copy.jpg

kluge feeder copy.jpg

agreed, that’s the one i was planning to keep. thanks for the info! :)

Be careful if there is still anything springloaded riding on those cams. If so, remove with caution.

“Be careful if there is still anything springloaded riding on those cams. If so, remove with caution.”

i think i know what you’re talking about.. the double (one inside another) spring that shot off at 100mph and flew 4” from my head when we were diassembling it? :)

there’s only 1 small spring left, and tho i don’t think it’s under that much pressure i will be watching it. might not be that lucky again.

I just removed the feeder from a 10 x 15 Kluge last month. Be sure to duck and cover.

it’s back together, and no injuries to report. :) thanks all for your help, especially arie who made the trip out to be our foreman for the job. so excited to be that much closer to printing! :D