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BLTSFK, Very cool, thanks for the...3 May
No matter the floor structure the fumes...12 Feb
I am pretty sure I have a belt from a...12 Feb
What is beneath the tile, is it a...1 Feb
Alan, Notice above, I recommended 2-4'....15 Jan
Doug, Good luck with your new press....13 Jan
Where are you located?13 Jan
Just buff it out with 0000 steel...11 Jan
Doug, the press takes up about a 4'...11 Jan
I have a Lassco corner rounder, Model...4 Jan
They are matrices for a ludlow...19 Dec
Since we are not in a perfect world you...14 Dec
Link to videos of coin being cast in...14 Dec
Follow Howard's advice, you will need a...14 Dec
Jeff, Thanks for the pics, nice set...14 Dec
Mike, do you have a picture of the...12 Dec
Is it possible they are for an All...10 Dec
Carl, I moved a ludlow, vandy, c&p...7 Dec
Is the press at ground level and what...2 Dec
When in photoshop, adjust to keep about...21 Nov
Price range will be between $200 -$500...14 Nov
Thanks for the info, I will play with...13 Nov
Thanks platen, I will check what all I...9 Nov
I just removed the feeder from a 10 x...9 Nov
sunbeltrentals.com has a "Platform Lift...8 Nov
Be careful if there is still anything...8 Nov
What does APL stand for?8 Nov
Where is the truck located at?6 Nov
Elizabeth, Move to Florida, all I need...4 Nov
John, the plate is missing on the...4 Nov
Boundpress, thanks for the good info, I...4 Nov
John, Thanks for the info. I think the...3 Nov
keegan, the press is located in Tampa...3 Nov
Thanks David and John. Where is the ID...3 Nov
boundstaff, I will be at my shop...3 Nov
THanks boundstaff2 Nov
THanks for the info Arie. I will look...2 Nov
You are looking at about 2,200-2,500...28 Oct
Barb, As a sailor I always notice the...25 Oct
Wow, now that's what I call a...25 Oct