Corner Rounder

I would love to add a corner rounder to my Studio, since I have already gone through 4 of the plastic cheapo ones (I should have stopped at 1!). Any suggestions on makes/models/brands or have one they are wishing to sell? I have been looking at the Akiles Diamond 1 Corner Rounder, any thoughts on that one?
I usually cut 110 Lettra, but sometimes 220, so it would be nice to have something small, yet sturdy that can do the job.
Thanks + Happy 2011.

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Our daughter uses a Lasco 20 corner rounder. I had the opportunity to use assist her with the card finishing. Works well. Small compact and cut through Lettra with no problem, even multiple sheets. She uses the 1/4” die.

They can be found on ebay and craigslist.

Hope this helps.

The Lassco Corner Rounder is somewhat of a standard for the industry. It has been around quite some long time and does not break down. These also come with different diameter blades (optional, but useful). These will also cut through thin metal, such as steel-backed photopolymer plates. Highly recommended. Relatively expensive but they certainly pay for themselves and have a decent resale value.


Happy New Year to All!!! Another vote for the Lasco. They make a table top and a pedal operated corner rounder. Dies come in various radii and are interchangeable with both models. Don’t know what an Akiles is but I’m sure it’s foreign made for the crafters and the scrap-bookers and has built-in obsolescence. We’ve bought a used Lasco about 30-some years ago, and use it about once or twice a month.

Thanks to all …. I have been watching ebay with no luck, currently. I will probably end up purchasing from the company, prices are pretty reasonable. I am looking forward to the upgrade and cutting more than 1 sheet at a time!! Yipee.

I have a Lassco corner rounder, Model #50, Serial #1204 located in Tampa, FL for sale.





For a short run of 200 I used a simple hand-held corner punch you can find cheaply at any craft store, mounted to a piece of cardboard with scotch tape and stricken with a hammer (couldn’t cut through the heavy stock with just my thumb).

Third picture from the top:

Turned out to be a very quick and economical solution.

Anybody with experience on the corner rounder attachment for a Challenge drill? We are wondering if this is a good alternative to a dedicated machine.

Just an update: I can’t believe I went this long without a corner rounder! My new Lassco 20 came and I have been rounding EVERYTHING in sight…and loving it.
Oprion: thanks for the photo, I had one of those too, I realized my back was killing me because I would use my foot to press the little thing down, it got old really fast.
Thanks again. Denise

We got a pro corner cutter from Lithco Distributors in the shop, not sure if it’s Lasco. I am not exactly happy with results, like when I punch a 3-layer sandwitch (cardstock laminated to chipboard on both sides) the bottom side doesn’t look clean cut. Perhaps a blade replacement in order? it’s seldom used though, looks like new

Depending on which version (the model J version with wood blocks looks hokey) the Challenge drill round corner attachment is very good, though setup may take a little nudging about. If you have a small vacuum/wet dry vacuum, it’s not a bad idea to fix the hose right behind the blade to keep the “chips” from going all over (especially with label stock!).

One thing I’ve seen with all round cornering machines is the tendency to draw on larger lifts and to leave the bottom sheet in imperfect condition. Just a part of the program-so give yourself extras or have a waste sheet on the bottom.

Mike-exactly, your ‘bottom sheet in imperfect condition’ comment is right on. What shall I do? I am adding a sheet of chipboard on the bottom but still not quites satisfied. Perhaps it needs something harder on bottom?
That drill attachment you mention, I have no clue how they look and what they sell for. any pictures?

Any one have a die they want to sell for a Lassco 20 corner rounder?? I am looking for either 1/4 or an 1/8.

I just posted a similar topic before I found this one. Sorry!

Anyway, my searches keep coming up with a “Lassco CR-20 Corner Rounder”.

Is that right? Or am I looking for some rare old vintage thing that I’m not going to find in good condition for a decent price?

were currently looking at the lasco wizer CR-177 corner rounder. it’s a little more spendy but what we really like about it is that it handles 1” of paper stack and it has an interchangeable die. instead of buying multiples, you can flip it.

if anyone has any comments on this we would love to hear them.


I got the Lassco CR-20. Happy with it so far!

I have a Sterling round corner machineMade by Southworth Bros., Portland, ME. It is an older machine (pat’d 1901) and very rugged. Only one blade. I am planning to take it to the printers fair at the Museum of Printing in N. Andover, MA on Sunday to sell it. Any interest?

Hello all, why not move up to a real round corner. I’ve the Sterling in the past but was not impressed… however it did run circles around a Lasco. The Lasco seems to be a entry level machine. There are many used machines on the market in the 250.00 to 500.00 range. I would look for a Krause (made in Germany) or a CMC (U S MADE) both of these machines came in floor (foot opperated) and tabel (hand opperated versions). And then there is the Chalange machine (U S Made) but is much more expensive because it hyd. opperated. The Chalange, Krause and CMC all use the same Knives. They will all do with ease a 2.5 inch stack of 20 pound bond to up to 150# tag. When doing softer papers that are spongie in nature you will not beable to a tall stack. Look around… Lasco is not the way to go, as there are better choices out there. Happy rounding, Bud.

My goal is to have round corners on my paper.

When I put paper in the Lassco and push the lever down, I have round corners on my paper.

So, what’s the problem?

ha ha ha ha ha. wow that was super funny megahurt. thank you, i needed that today.


We have a round cornering attachment to our Challenge paper drill. Used it a few time in the last 25 years. Wasn’t thrilled with the results. Prefer to die cut the piece for a more exact cut.