Buying a Heidelberg set up for cutting, to print


Ive been looking into buying a Heidelberg windmill platen. Ive found a couple for a reasonable price but they are set up for cutting. They come with the rollers, but I was wondering how easy it is to change it back to printing. What should I look out for? Ive read in previuos posts I should check the platen isnt cracked, chipped or scored. Is there anything else to be weary of?

thanks in advance

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With some practice you can switch between diecutting and printing in less than five minutes, once you get a hang of getting the rollers in and out. (It’s easy enough that I pop the rollers out almost daily to clean the trucks and rails fully.) Most diecutting jackets snap on; one of ours also has a retaining/tensioning setscrew. It’s a lot quicker than changing the jacket on a cylinder.

If the press has been used solely for diecutting for a long time, make sure the three tympan bars are still present, although they are probably easy to replace/fabricate. You will also need four trucks that are as close to new as possible (1.993” for the new ones in my newest press’ drawer, down to 1.983” for the worn ones) and the rollers are likely to need recovering. In addition a long life of diecutting may have been harder on the machine. As long as it was run reasonably properly and kept oiled, this shouldn’t be much of a concern though.