Frustrating first time order from American Printing Equip

I’m sure American Printing Equipment is a great company to deal with and I will order from them again, but it is frustrating that my order from 2/4/11 was not shipped yet and I hadn’t heard from them. They had all my contact info to reach out to me. However, since they didn’t have the leather belt for my C&P 10x15 in stock, they didn’t complete & ship my order. Instead, they went about looking for another supplier for the belt, since theirs had retired. I appreciate their efforts, but everyone knows that communication is key in any relationship.

Well, at least it is resolved now. However, the search is one for another supplier who can find me a leather belt. I’ll have to dig through the forum here, since I know there are other suppliers mentioned.


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Mike, in Richmond VA there is a company, Sutton Clark Supply, Inc., that makes leather and fabric belts to order for machines. I don’t know where you are but I expect any city of any size would have a similar company. You could probably order from Sutton Clark if you know what thickness, width, and length belt you need.


You should understand that NOBODY stocks a belt for a 10 x 15 C&P as a standard item. The variations are endless and a belt can only be made after pulley dimensions and distance are determined.
To expect such custom work to be shipped in one week is just unreasonable. And if you go around a supplier after placing an order without cancelling, well, don’t expect the best service if you ever order again. Because APE will be stuck with paying for the belt you ordered.
People who grew up ordering crap off the Internet have no idea what actually goes on in the real world.

Why not use a v-belt? Much easier to find and certainly much cheaper. But then again it may not feel as authentic if that’s something you’re interested in maintaining.


I understand your enthusiasm, but it’s only been a week and the weather has been bad.

You could always get the leather and lace it yourself.

I am pretty sure I have a belt from a 10 x 15 Kluge and one from a 12 x 18 C & P. along with the crimp end and pins. They are used but were in operating condition when removed. Let me know if you are interested and I will dig them out next time I am at my shop and send pics.


My comment was about how APE handled my order and the lack of communication. When I placed my order there was no mention of the belt needing to be sourced, as they offer a few different sizes in the ordering process. I don’t care if the belt took a few months to get to me, as long as that was communicated. You’ve obviously made some assumptions in your commenting, so let me clarify. I did measure for the belt and took into consideration my machine & motor. The motor mount that I have can be adjusted several inches in either direction, so I have some leeway when fitting a belt. I have not ‘gone around a supplier’, as I spoke to them and got the story on the belt. Once they told me they were unable to supply the belt, they gave me the option to cancel my order for the belt, which I did. I did however elect to have the other items in my order shipped, because I think they are a fine company and I’m perfectly willing to work with them. Again, I go back to my comment, which was only to say I would have preferred a bit more transparency, so that I wasn’t left wondering about the status of my order. As for your comment about not knowing ‘what actually goes on in the real world’… well, that is just plain ignorant of you to say. You have no knowledge of me or my experiences. You don’t know my age or my experience with this new fangled internet ordering thing. So, perhaps next time you could confine your commenting to the subject at hand. You seem to do a good job of that in your other posts, which I’ve read.

Thank you to everyone else for your input and suggestions. I have looked into other belts, but wanted to go the leather route, which I may end up making myself.

My apologies to you. I did make assumptions fueled by other similar complaints heard in places like this, and especially the idea that one week was insufficent time for delivery. In my last order with APE many years ago I did not experience the best communication either, even got substitutions on out-of-stock items. Even so we need to appreciate what very few (and shrinking) sources we have, and support them.
Still, there are many online customers who think clicking a button should result in near-instant delivery, and a C&P belt is custom work that takes time. There are human processes involved, not warehouse robots pulling off a shelf.