What do I Have??

Ok. Bought a house. Press in the basement. I dont want it. I need advice to sell it to someone who appreciates the craft. Can anyone help me…It runs but I dont know much more than that. I have Pics. And thanks for your comments. Oh by the way “About” how much is it worth? Im not trying to get over on anybody. Baltimore MD.

image: press2.jpg


image: press.jpg


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Price range will be between $200 -$500 depending on condition, how close an interested party is, and the location of the press. The basement location makes it difficult but not impossible. Good luck and thank you for trying to keep this piece of history in circulation.

Looks like a 12 x 18 C&P. If the basement is a walk out, that can help immensely, otherwise the prospective buyer will have to dismantle the press or spend a lot of money to rig it out intact. Disassembly instructions for a C&P can be found in various archives, or on the Green Dolphin Press website. (which also has gobs of other neat letterpress info).