What is the value?

Some friends of mine have a semi-trailer load of linotype, type and type cabinets, however we cannot find anything to lead us to a value for these. I know virtually nothing about printing except what I remember from high school close to 50 years ago.

I would hate to sell everything for scrap, but that may be what we do unless we can find some information on the value of these items.

I am attaching two pictures about what we have.

Many thanks in advance.

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Here are the photos

image: linotype.JPG


image: typecab.JPG


Linotype mats stored this way are worth knowing about, as long as there isn’t any corrosion. Whether linotype or Intertype, the face is indicated by the reference nubmer stamped on the mats.

Where is the truck located at?

If you sell assembled cases, you’re more likely to move them if you can find a buyer in your area. 200-600 is fairly average for full type cases.

People also sell the drawers piecemeal, but it attracts a different kind of buyer. Those seem to go for $10-$40 a pop, depending on demand.

It’d be pretty ridiculous to go for scrap prices when even a discounted price would likely be greater than your scrap price. But if you want more of a “real” value on them, remember that you may need to allow for time to locate a buyer or deal with out of state inquiries.


Many thanks to everyone. We are located in Crescent Iowa, which is north of Council Bluffs about the intersection of I29 and I680.

We have just started straightening things out. We have these items stored in buildings and trailers. Some of the trailers are not weatherproof and we are working to seal things up until we can get things sorted out.

As you can see from the lower photo, these have not been very well cared for and the type is all over the place. We have also found many print blocks depicting various scenes. We really don’t know all of what we have.

Anyway, I appreciate everyone’s response.