Hand-roller suggestions?

I just picked up a Showcard Press, and I need a good roller/brayer to do the inking.

Any specific suggestions, and links for what I should get?

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Softer brayers will be better, letterpress rollers usually run 20-25 durometer rubber. Brayers likely won’t have durometer listed, but go for soft rather than hard.

Roller bearers will make your life easier. You can buy some thick full-face rule (maybe 12pt?) to run along either side of your forme. This will keep you from inking with the brayer on an angle.

For the beginner, I would suggest a 6 inch speedball brayer.

If you decide later to invest more money, go with a Tacach.

When rolling up your form, roll in one direction, then pick up the brayer, and return the original place, and roll in that same direction again. This prevents ghosting. I roll in this pattern.
away from my body (x3 or more if necessary)
charge the roller with ink
diagonal (x3+)
opposite diagonal (x3+)
edges - pull the roller from the middle off the edge
corners - pull the roller from the middle off the corner

I do a lot of hand inking and I’ve been very happy with the Heavy Duty Aluminum Professional Brayers from American Printing Equipment and Supply: http://www.americanprintingequipment.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&P...

Also, I second the suggestion to get some roller bearers. Linotype slugs, especially the decorative rules, work pretty well and are fairly easy to get your hands on. And definitely practice the brayer charging techniques described by boundstaffpress.