Source for Gilt-Edged Cards in USA

I’m surprised to search the archive and not find any mention of gilt-edged cards in any discussions.

I’m wondering if anyone has a domestic source for wholesale gilt-edged cards in all the permutations that seem to be available in the UK. That is, square cornered, rounded cornered, bevel and straight edges, gold, silver gilt, etc., etc.


mjb /interrobang letterpress

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Hi Michael,
You should speak to Marchetti & Bros. and just have some made up. You could probably bundle them in packs and sell them. I know a stack of 20 costs $20 at Kate’s Paperie.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Marchetti & Brothers Inc.
87 Richardson Street
NY 11211-1319
(718) 387-4772

Thanks Dan,

I’ll check with Marchetti.

I have several inquiries in with makers/wholesalers in the UK.

100 cards for £20. Add shipping and it’s still a much better deal.



As a follow-up, I contacted Marchetti to whom I faxed specs.

Never received a response after a brief phone conversation.