Laser cut patterns for hot metal type.

I am looking for someone in Britain, Europe or the US with a set up that uses a pantograph with individual character patterns like Monotype, and produces cut punches, matrices for individual hot metal type.

I have some materials and access to equipment at my university and will be able to secure a small project funding to cover the costs of producing whole sets of laser cut patterns, the application of supplementary characters to hot metal founts, and possibly pay for the cutting of punches and stamping of mats for these. Maybe a new metal fount even.

At the moment, for the initial part of the research, just seeing how the laser cuts fair, I could begin by sending patterns in the post. I would be able to bear the cost of the materials, laser cutting, and postage. It would not be necessary for any patterns I send to be returned.

If you would like to see more photographs please get in touch:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Danny Flynn
Research Associate
Bookworks, Letterpress and Print
Middlesex University, UK

image: Acrylic pattern (Flynn)_3.JPG

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I think

purchased Harold Berliner’s Monotype stuff, patterns and all.

Might be worth a shot.


You should certainly contact Duncan Avery Esq., of Monotype Hot Metal Ltd at the Type Museum, in Stockwell ,London


The Happy Dragons Press.