One of my 10x15’s has this growling noise. She’s been growling for about 40 years and the volume of the growl comes and goes. It sounds like it’s coming from within. She is my favorite press (I’m upstairs typing quietly so the other presses can’t hear) I’ve oiled her and even put a blanket on to keep her warm at night.
I’ve heard this growl in windmills in other shops. Just wondering what causes it. Thanks

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Time to clean out out the Basement of the Press

Dennis, my windmill was bought new in 1966, when you pull the auto oiler the machine sounds like there is a bear caught in there. Heidleburg came out a few times and took the press apart and couldn’t find anything wrong. After a day after oiling the noise goes away, its been 45 years and the press runs daily, you’re not alone. Dick G.

If the growl changes pitch or volume depending which way the large ink drum is rotating then it is the ink drum gear train. Not an issue other than the noise. Sometimes if you loosen the 4 bolts at the corners of the inker and remove the brass shims it quiets the machine. These gears are not oiled by the central system and get overlooked over the years.

Try oiling the gear behind the top left corner of the bed usually help some.
Check the clutch adjustment.