Buying Heidelberg windmill - Platen marked by die cutting, possible repair?

Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of buying a 1967 “red ball” 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill, the current owner used it for die cutting, just as the owner before him. Currently it has a thin metal plate attached to the platen to protect it from the bite of the die cutting, but he says that the platen itself is also marked (the work of the previous owner). Is it possible to have the platen resurfaced somehow?

Also, the press is missing its sludge trough (Part #T06102F), and the mast holding the wash up liquid jar and oil jar is broken off (current owner says he has it somewhere), but the powder spray jar is intact and seems to be in working condition.

Would these problems prevent the press from working properly?

I have seen it run, there are no odd noises, paper feeding works correctly, the platen has no play, the inking system is complete (bar the missing trough), it will need new rollers. And the owner is selling it for $1700. Is it worth it?

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At the price it sounds like a good deal. You might take the plate for die cutting to a Metal Polishing, Plating and Repair shop.

You might be able to call Heidelberg about purchasing the missing parts.

I had a Heidelberg windmill years ago, I wish I didn’t see it. In 1974 I purchase one brand new for $15,000.

I run windmills every day, i never use the spray or the washup, i wash each roller by hand, it only takes 10 minutes to washup. The steel plate pops right off, if the platten is not marked too bad it shouldn’t be a problem. The oil jar? if you mean the glass in the back of the press that you fill the automatic oilerthis could be a problem if there is no oil or nobody used this tooil the press, the oiler shoots oil to the main parts of the press, without the glass i don’t know if this would work or not, try the pump and see if there is pressure, sounds like the press needs a little tlc, but for 1700 it seems like a good deal. Dick G.

The central oiling system on the back is intact and working, and the press has been well oiled (the red, yellow, and green markings), the inking rollers are coated in linseed oil (there was no printing done on the machine). The press is in good condition, as far as I can tell.

The press sounds fine, worst case the platen surface itself is
dinged, fill it with liquid metal and carefully level off.
you can’t kill these presses, I never use the powder or the wash-up tray either!
Try to neg. the price I have seen as low as $500.00 lately at auctions and up to 2500.00 idf its 13 x 18 3000.00 + if it has the heating and puller for foiling add 5000.00

Good luck.