Lord’s Prayer on a single piece of type

I saw a discussion about how the Lord’s Prayer was created on a single piece of 4 pt type and made available by the American Type Founders as a promotional item. I actually have one of these in the original glassine envelope along with the little phamplet that came with it. The piece of type has never been used or printed and is still in the original new condition. I can see something on it with a magnifying glass but it would need a microscope to actually read it. I have had it for many years but now would like to sell it to a collector so I am planning to list it in the Briar Press classifieds. My question is what do you think it is worth. Any suggestions?

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When you say ‘value’, you probably mean ‘how many dollars can I get.’ I don’t think a lot. There are still many of these around. Two months ago, I was given yet another one (this time in German) in a glassine envelope. The person we gave it to me had a whole drawer full of them. Just give it away to someone who really appreciates it, without thinking of ‘money’.

Thank you. I did not know how common or rare these things really are. I do not know anyone to give it to so I guess I will just just leave in my desk drawer.

I have one that my supervisor gave me some years ago. His father in law started the Baltimore Type Company and that’s how he got it. Ron

I would be keen to get one of these, maybe a couple more to give to friends.
If there is someone who has spare ones would like to contact me it would be appreciated. Thanks.
Graham Judd

let’s start with: “What do you want for it?” contact me please.

These were in a type case I recently acquired. The small 8-point type has the entire Psalm 23 — The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want … — on it. The larger 24-point type has The LORD’s Prayer.

If anyone has the type but missing the the ATF branded envelope, there were two in the case and I would be glad to send you one.

The small printed piece was from Advertising Composition, Inc. in New York.

image: ATF_LordsPreyer_IMG_6034_8x8.jpg


again, i would be willing to purchase one of these. thanks