C&P 10x15, Multilith 1250 Do they need each other?

Hello, fish outta water here. I wouldn’t even call me a beginner yet. I have a C&P 10x15 and a Multilith 1250. I understand what the CP does but I’m not sure about the Multilith. Does the Multilith just make duplicates, similar to a copy machine?
Totally lost, Audgen

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They don’t need each other. cp is letterpress multi is litho like offset. Often used together in the past to print draw tickets then on multi then number and perf on cp. A good multi with a paper plate maker can still make a few bucks.

Ok, Thanks. So, it sounds like there are projects that would involve both machines but not every project requires both.

The more I read about letterpress work the more I get confused. I thought I knew what the press did, but after reading a little more it sounds like it does about a dozen other things that I’m clueless about
How much study time is needed before one is ready to run a press?
Thanks again -Audgen