Printer Chases (3)

I have (3) printer chases for sale on ebay. Please see listing 220731482880

Thank you.

image: IMGP0493.JPG


image: IMGP0494.JPG


image: IMGP0495.JPG


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The press you’re talking about is a Chandler & Price Pilot. Depending on condition you could get over $1000 for the press.

Hope this helps,

Like Brad said, the condition is paramount. Without a background in printing, it’s hard to say what it might be worth. A working pilot press can easily fetch a premium price. With some restoration, you could make even more. But this item will fetch the most if it’s a usable machine.

Rusted up… $50-$300

Fairly nice… $300-700

Pin-striped and immaculate… $700-$2500 or whatever the current value of letterpress fever is.

People pay a premium price for easily transportable presses. Hobby printers!