Upper roller rack for Miehle V50

I just picked up a working Miehle V50 vertical that was set up for die cutting and scoring. I’m trying to convert to it to print. I do have the Ink Fountain and the Lower roller rack. I believe I am missing the upper roller rack, and I could not seem to find one for sale, of any info on it whatsoever. Can anyone clue me in on to what it looks like (photo perhaps) & How many rollers it has? Also, anyone have one of these pieces they are trying to part with? Thanks!

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its been a few years since i’ve seen a miehle but i think the upper rollers are the same as the bottom ones, when i had mine i only used one set of rollers and seldom used both sets. Dick G.

I have a roller rack for a 50x
let me know i can send photos

Mines not an X, but the models are really similar, I wonder if they are compatable.

Hi, talkin—

Be a little careful about buying the form rollers and carriage for your press. Earlier V-50’s take two identical form rollers but later models (at least some of them) have unlike rollers to help prevent ghosting. The carriages (racks) for the two models are not interchangable; the press takes one or the other. Maybe the best thing to do is to grab the serial number of the press and talk to the folks at Jack Beall Vertical Service, listed in the yellow pages on this site.

Good luck, Brian

Yo! I’ve got roller racks, do you still need one? yes the newer v50’s and all the v50x’s have a 1 3/4” top roller and and a 2’ bottom roller in the top rack, the older v50’s, all v45’s and all v36’s have 2’ rollers in both positions. All verts have two 2’ rollers in the bottom rack. The 2’ rollers as well as the ductor are all the same and therefore are all interchangable.Carl.

Hey Carl. I think the 2 racks on my Miehle are 2 different sizes. I definitely do not have a V-50X, I think it’s the newer version of the regular V-50. I tried to put the bottom roller rack in the top housing and it didnt fit. What I didn’t try is taking the actually rollers out of the rack when I did it… I probably shouldve thought of that. I’m going to try that when I get home. Anyway I do still need an upper roller rack. You think you have the one I need? If so how much you looking to get for it?

Yo, yes the top rack and the bottom rack are not the same. The v50x’s have a 1 3/4” roller in the top position of the top rack ONLY! The bottom rack on ALL verts have two 2” rollers. I’ll check over the weekend for a standard 50v upper rack, you pay the postage and it’s yours. But I do know that there aren’t any rollers, they have reverted long ago back to liquid. Carl.

that would be huge. let me know…. thanks.

Hey Carl… any luck on that roller rack? I got my phase converter all hooked up. That upper rack is the last component i’m missing.

what you talkin ‘bout? Willis,,,, yes I found you a rack, but you will need rollers. I have the rack ready to go but to be honest with you I had forgotten who to send it to. While were at it, anything else you may need? I’ve lots of parts. Send me your mailing info, also, the address you send me is it a residence or business? (UPS wants to know) Carl.

Carl, I just sent you a personal message!