what’s the difference between the motor and foot treadle on the press?

I’ve been researched about presses that have rotor motor and foot treadle? I just wonder what’s the difference between that? If I buy a press that has a motor. Could I convert it to foot treadle? I’ve seen two different Chandler & Price presses: one with a motor (new model?) and another one with a foot treadle (old model?). Would they be from different model in time? Can they be convert from foot treadle to motor, or motor from foot treadle?

I’d appreciate if anyone answer my question.

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You want a press with a motor. A foot treadle press you have to move your leg up and down the entire time your printing. So, a long press run of 200 or more copies is a lot of moving your leg up and down.

The foot treadle press are great my father had one, you can do short press runs and it fun.

If you are a young man, it not a problem.

If the press has an offset crankshaft, then it can have a treadle; with a straight shaft, no treadle can be used. Treadles are still made by Hern Iron Works for the most common C&P platens.
The presence of a treadle is not an indication of age. Most presses that started with treadles had them removed and were later motorized.

Thanks. I just want to know what’s difference. I guess that shouldn’t really matter if I have a press with a motor or foot treadle.