Heidelberg Windmill registration problems

Hi nice people,

I am printing with my Windmill for about a half year and color registrations were perfect since today..

As mostly everyday yesterday I was printing and everything went ideal and I cant imagine what had happened today (because I haven’t changed anything). I think problem is with bottom guides but I cant find out where exactly.

Look what is happening and please give me any recommendations or advices how to remove this problem?

Thanks in advance

image: 1_photo.jpg


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Is your sheet slipping in front of your guides? Check the paper for upwards curl that could be causing it to fall beyond the guide not within it for your left guide.

From your photo, I would assume you are laying to the foot of the sheet; side registration seems OK,but the variation is greater in the top left corner which indicates that the sheet is not falling into the left guide correctly.
Have you the steadier fitted as indicated by the red circle in the attached image?

image: hap.jpg


Stock could be slipping behind or in front of guides. Did the stock have a curl or is it possible sheets were cut in a different direction in relation to the grain? Sometimes if a sheet is slipping behind the guides I put a little piece on the tympan to cause the sheet to land in the guide a little bit out from the platen. Ron

Hey Bern,
You circled the guide bar and I was wondering what exactly does this thing do? I know the brass and nickle gauges are snapped onto the Lay Bar but it looks like the guide bar is attached to the swinging platen and doesn’t do anything. What am I missing? I have never dealt with this piece.

It looks like a bar that holds upside down J/V shaped fingers that keep a sheet from slipping behind the guides. It doesn’t move. I’m sure Bern will confirm this. If I’m seeing it right that is one of the fingers pictured in the circle. Ron

Yes, the bar does not move, it’s sole purpose is to support the finger which prevents the sheet slipping under the lay gauge.
It should be positioned to the right of the left hand lay about the width of a finger away when the lays are fully up to the edge of the platen.
If the finger is not in the accessory draw it’s probably in the base of the machine, after some careless operator dropped it after removing it from the slide bar!

I got the trusty ol manual out , blew off the dust and sure enough, there was a full page on adjusting the “Slide Spring”.
I’ve always used Ron’s method to achieve hairline registration. I found a slide spring and will give it a try. Maybe this will help Viktorija.

for 40 years i wondered what that did, thanks Bern. Dick G.

Thanks all nice people for all comments and advices. Actually it was the problem with electrostatic.

Hi Viktorija,

I had a same problem.
Could you explain a bit more about
the problem with electrostatic?


I too had this problem and the sheet was missing the lay guide - I taped a 1” piece of card stock on the back of the guide to assist the paper into the guide - solved the problem.

If you have electrostatic issues - meaning a build up of “static electricity” in the paper - use Electrostatic sheets made for the clothes dryer - you can buy them at almost any store- I rub the edges of the stock with them and also tape one to the back guide on the feeder.

Hope this helps


Once I switched from nickel to brass guides, most of my issues with the sheet slipping behind the guide were taken care of. Sometimes I find the curl of the sheet causes it to go OVER the guide, so I’ve taped a piece of cardboard to it and that solved that matter.

I’ve also found that heavy sheets can bounce a bit from the side lay. I usually have to adjust it back as far as I can.