New to Letterpress

I am looking for any information concerning Heidelburg Platens. In the process of buying one for my business and need all info from places to make plates that I’ll be designing in Illustrator, to ink stockists or places to find ink in Australia. Not sure if i’d have to import my ink in from the States or if there is anything happening in Perth, WA or Australia.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Pippa,

99% of what you want to know is in the manual, which you can download from the Boxcar Press site. Many questions asked here (including one I asked last week) are very plainly stated in the manual, and reading through it will give you a better idea of the mechanics of the machine.

You will not need to import inks. Offset suppliers will sell both oil and rubber based inks as well as type wash (known as R11 wash here in Canada, not sure if it’s the same everywhere) and roller washes appropriate for letterpress. I am sure there is a platemaker in Australia.