Kimble Motor specifications

My Kimble motor label list the motor as 220 volt. I have seen other motors listed as 110/220. What is the difference. Is it just a matter of wiring the motor, or is there a physical difference in the motor itself.
Thanks for any help.

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What’s the HP rating on your motor? Most Kimbles are 110/220 up to 1hp. Most I’ve seen over 1hp are labeled at 220v.

Hope this helps,

Mine is 1.5 horse.

I’m guessing you’ll need to run it on 220v. 1.5hp is probably a bit overpowered if you are using this motor to run your handfed Craftsman. I think some extra horsepower was required to efficiently power all the feeder-related parts of the press.

Thanks Brad.
Just trying to stretch my resources.