Name this font contest continues

Well the last font already seems to have found a new home via BP..yay! Thanks all- I am so happy these fonts are getting homes :) And I may pay for part of my trip to Poland which is also good ( I hope! ).

So we move to the next one.

It is 6 line, no mark on the A.

image: jan bp font 2.jpg

jan bp font 2.jpg

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Anyone have any ideas on this one?

Christopher, It looks like plain Cheltenham to me. I was sure you would have had an answer by now. Howard H

One of the problems, when trying to pin-down exact names and numbers, of wood type, is that the letters that you show may not be shown in the specimen books and there could be distortion in your photo. Your face is one that I call “Clarendon Italian”, but it does not, exactly, match Page’s patterns. It may be Clarendon No. 1, cut from M&W patterns at the Middletown plant after 1899, but, there again, none of your letters are shown in my M&W specimen book. I hope that someone else has better luck!
Here is a showing of Page’s Clarendon Italian in a much larger size. Note: the “B” is not original.
Here is another showing of a 7-Line font of Page’s Clarendon Italian, which shows the figures & lower-case.
Dave Greer

I agree with Dave and would classify it as a Clarendon Italian. The Cheltenham designation is way off base.


Christopher, Is my face red. My mind said Clarendon but my fingers typed Cheltenham. Do I feel like an A.. Howard H

Thanks all!

Howard- you’re forgiven, although you do not get the stuffed animal prize!

Hi Christopher

Next time you have a mystery font, look here. Morgan & Wilcox font catalog on line. It can be slow depending on your provider.