Still more of the name this font contest

Well the fonts seem to be finding a good home through the BP classifieds. Yay!

The next font that I plan to put up for adoption is five line, no markings on the A.

Any help with ID’ing it would be swell. Thanks!

image: feb pb font 2.jpg

feb pb font 2.jpg

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I am getting the feeling that it may be Die-Cut No. 516, probably made by Hamilton, if there is no mark on the shoulder of the A or L, since the dies often damaged the edges of the letters, in the smaller sizes. You can see my font, of 5-Line, on the following page, second one down:[email protected]/3712075563/in/set-721576213277...
Here is a showing of a 10-Line font, at the bottom of the page:[email protected]/3911351681/in/set-721576222684...
Dave Greer

Hi Christopher and Dave,

This is indeed Page’s die cut No. 516. I have this in both 5-line and 12-line fonts. The shoulder of both the A and L in the 12-line font are stamped PATTENTED DEC.20, 1887, but the 5-line font is too small to allow for this and there is othing stamped anywhere on the shoulder at that size.


Thanks guys!

This font already found a new home :)