American Num. Machine — new inkpads?

I just dug out my great-grandfather’s American numbering machine: 5 Action Mod III. I’d like to use it for something but it has a lot of old ink gummed up in the type, although the mechanics seem to be working fine. There is no inkpad and I was wondering how I might go about buying or making one—I checked many websites already but can’t get any conclusive information. Also, should I bother trying to clean it and if so, how? I’m not scared of disassembling it if I must, but how difficult is it to get back together? Any information would be appreciated—thanks.

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I think the ink pads are just felt, the ink was a little different from rubber stamp ink. I would not take it apart, just use a tooth brush and maybe keroscene and scrub the numbers. Good Luck Dick G.

I just checked my numbering machine and dickg is correct, it’s a feltpad. I use ink that’s for numbering machines, comes in a little tube-like bottle and the ink is slightly oily and thick. Probably to stop it drying out once it’s on the felt pad.

Some of the machines had a felt pad which was held in a metal holder (tray-like) which clipped onto the swinging piece to bring the pad in contact with the typeface. If I remember correctly, the pad assembly was held in place with a spring-loaded pin affair which when pulled out was able to be slipped out of position.

I made and sold rubber stamps for about 20 years, we always kept ink pads and parts for lots of different stamps and numbering machines, i’ve been looking (but not too hard) for numbering machine pads and ink, but most of my stamp stuff is packed away, don’t think i have any ink or pads but if i run into any i will see if you still need them. You might be able to find something at a large stationery store, or check with a rubber stamp shop, if there are any left. Good Luck Dick G.

Thanks everyone for your help. I probably will just try and make something resembling that tray, put a piece of felt on it, and soak it in ink.