platen pressure

I have a 6x10 platen press and I am wondering if anyone has any tips on setting the platen pressure correctly?

Also I have been using Yupo paper for packing… 1-2 sheets under one larger sheet used as the top sheet (instead of typman?)… does this seem right? I am trying to figure this all out…

Sure appreciate your help!

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Go to Excelsior Press web site, he has lots of good info. There is a man in CT, John Falstrom that has made a tool for setting your platen, his contact info is in the yellow pages on this site. Good Luck Dick G. has reprints of Polk’s Elementary Platen Press Work for around $16 which covers most aspects of platen press operation, including packing, etc… Would strongly recommend buying a copy if you own a platen press.

You could put a large piece of type in each corner of the chase and work up the impression until each of them are printing approximately equal. I use “O”s from a 72 point font…Don’t know if this answers your question but this is (one way) how to get the impression even, and the platen parallel to the bed. Yes, a tool could help, but others have done it this way also. Just use caution and work the impression up slowly.
Typically a heavy hard card stock or “redboard” is used as the base of your packing, along with a couple of other thinner sheets on top of that under the tympan. Not too thick, not too thin.

thanks so much for the help!