moving press off pallet

So I have the press - a 10x15 C&P and I got it into my studio with help from a friend with a fork lift - but now I am stumped about how to get it off the pallet - ( I know, I know I am in for lots of stumping ahead! ).
Should I put it directly on the floor? What is the best way to lift it up?

image: IMG_1111.jpg


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What you need to do is get a couple of longer 4x4’s or reinforced metal pipe, 4 expensive car jacks. and 3 to 4 friends. Find a way to go through the press with the wood or pipes so that you can support the weight of the press using the jacks. Your wood or metal supports need to be longer than the pallet and High enough to for the jacks to clear once you lower the press. You may want to take the Treadle off if it has one. Only jack up the press enough to have someone slide the pallet out then gently lower 2 jacks at a time until it is down. The flywheel side is the tippy side. I can scoot my 8x12 around the cement floor with one helper. But yours looks heavier.

Good Luck!

Another idea is to leave it on the pallet, if it’s sturdy enough. Build a small platform to stand on while you work. Makes it easier to sell someday in the future.


I have to say, that is one sweet looking press!

Why can’t you use the same forklift? Speaking from experience, lift the press with the forklift, custom fit a pair of 4”x4” skids for the bottom, bolt said skids to the press feet and set her down. Keep plenty of oil on hand in case you discover bushings in the feet that need to be reamed out with a bigger drill bit, so you don’t overheat the bit.

With the forklift, the whole process takes fewer than 30 minutes.

Using a floor jack, lift up one side of the press and place a 2x6” skid a bit longer than the pallet (so that it overhangs on both ends) Attach with lag bolts. Do the same on the other side. Then with the same floor jack lift up one end of the press and place a number of blocks underneath the skid ends. Repeat on the other end. Slide the pallet out. Lift one end again with the floor jack. Remove one course of blocks on that end (both sides). Go to the other end and jack it up and remove one course of blocks. Repeat alternate ends until all blocks are gone.

You may wish to trim the skids shorter to avoid tripping over them. I prefer to trim my skids’ ends with a 45 degree bevel underneath to facilitate putting the press up on iron pipe rollers to make it easy to move it around the shop.