Installing the treadle hook - way too big?

So if some of you saw the other thread, you know the C&P is now in the house and I am working to install the treadle. I have a hern iron works replacement treadle and hook. I have the hook installed with the “open” end towards the back. The arrow that says front on the hook is pointing towards, well, the front.

The front top of the hook is hitting the inner frame a lot. I’m thinking I would need to remove about 1/4” of metal for it to clear properly. Does that sound right? How can I easily/safely remove that much material in a reasonable amount of time? Grinding wheel?



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Open end of the hook should face forward toward the platen.

Hmmm- that makes it way worse. Now when it hits the part of the frame the hook actually lifts off the crank shaft and binds. The same amount of material would still need to be removed.

I wonder why hern marks the treadle with the word front, when it really needs to go the other way - confusing.

The last hook I bought from Hern had two holes in the bottom of the hook where it attaches to the treadle. If that is the case, try it in the other hole and see if that helps.

I just met with a blacksmith today to modify/create a new treadle hook as I too have a Hern hook that won’t clear my 10x15. He’s building me a new one out of steel like an old C&P one. He really wanted to modify the Hern one (easier), but I needed it to be 1.5” longer since my press is on 4x4s and the motor mount is where the treadle should go.

So find a blacksmith and see what magic they can do.

r90s as in a BMW? Nice if so.