Letterpress Auction in Boston

Hi All,
This just came across my desk and thought I might get the word out. Boston’s old municipal shop is being shuttered and auctioned off. All letterpress.

Here’s the link to the article:

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WOW… wish I did not live so far away!

Cabin Press, come visit me, then you will only be 1 hour away. Dick G.

…and me, without $800K…!

The only good items are the letterpress equipment. But, it sounds like they want you to buy the offset junk as a package deal.

I would love to own the letterpress type and presses, but not the offset junk.

I only refer to offset as junk as I had a nice letterpress shop, Intertype Model C, ludlow, Windmill and card press, than I purchased a offset press, the junk you need to make offset work cost me my business.

I dunno, a 40” speedmaster that was in the care of a municipality has probably not yet been reduced to junk.

The KORS that is up for auction looks like a late-model that is in very good shape. That would make a very nice addition to any letterpress shop that had the space… Would love to be able to run full coverage or 4c…

The article is poorly written. There are 194 different lots that can be purchased separately. You do not need to buy any offset equipment to get the letterpress stuff. As was pointed out, there is some nice offset as well. All presses, intertypes, cutters are being sold as individual items. The lead-wood type/cabinet lot is rather large however. Probably enough for 10 fully outfitted letterpress shops. What is also an issue is the complicated registration, type of payment, and mandatory use of their riggers who must be paid separately.

John, my friend, the press mechanic (the one with the golding next to his mailbox) knows this shop and told me most of the offset equipment is pretty well used, plus the stuff is on the third floor with no place to park near the building. Dick G.

Thanks for the heads up dick. I also wrote poorly as I only meant some brands and models were desirable. Given the address in the North End, that makes perfect sense.