Wood type for Adanas?

Apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge, it’s a steep curve. I’ve just inherited lots of wooden type and I’m really keen to follow family tradition and learn the art of traditional printing. I’m looking at purchasing and learning on an Adana but realised that this might not work with the wooden type. If an Adana isn’t suitable can you suggest a table top press that might work with wooden type (I’ve got all sorts of founts and sizes).

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You’d be better off with something more like a sign press or a small tabletop cylinder press. A Showcard, Vandercook Model O, or a Poco. A platen press as small as an Adana will have a hard time with the amount of surface area you’ll be trying to print.

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Coops -

The Adana or, for that matter, the Kelsey or any common letterpress - will print wood type. It will print from any type, engraving or wood cut that is “type high” - .918 inches from foot to face.

- That is, if the wood type or engraving will fit into the rather limited space of an Adana chase.

Note also that some older type made in Europe may be a bit above the common .918” standard, in which case you would need to adjust your platen-to-bed distance.

However, because most wood type has a large surface area, inking and impression on a small press could be an issue.

http://excelsiorpress.org/blog/blog.2010.html#aug (August 29) shows an image of wood type printed on a Kelsey 5x8 next to the same form printed on a Vandercook proof press.

So, yes. You can print from wood type on your Adana, but, no matter what one ebay seller says - the Adana is not a good press for doing die cutting or embossing.

I would remind everyone that ADANA is a Generic name. There are many Adana presses all of which will print whether you are using type, metal or photopolimer plates or wood type.
However, the chase is important. This is the area available to set your type. The sizes vary from 6 x4 inches for the HS series,
10 x 8 inches for the Flatbed or TP series or 15 x 10 for the show card printer.
Whichever press you obtain they will print but the final size of your printed item will depend not only on the Press but on your skill in using it.

Thanks for your comments guys. Still at a very early learning curve and all of this just underlines how much skill and expertise there is in the trade (and sorely lacking from myself!) I’m looking into doing a course so will report back.