Ergonomic table height for a Sigwalt 6x9

I’m in the process of building a small work table to hold a 6x9 Sigwalt. Does anyone out there have a close approximation of how high the table should be if the operator will be in a standing position?

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This really depends on the operator’s height, length of arms etc. and how you plan on feeding it! I built something temporary and adjusted until I found my working height. I am 6’2’ but my wife is 5’ 4”, she will need a platform to be comfortable.

My 6x9 Sigwalt Nonpareil is mounted on a piece of 2x12 with rubber bumper feet under it, and that sits on a standard-height table. I’m 5’10” and I find the height very comfortable.


Thanks guys! This is helpful. Dennis you are so right it really does depend; perhaps I’ll start with a standard-height (given I’m 5’10ish) and then play around with the base a bit and just see what is most comfortable.